Body image on holiday


Those wonderful things that we go on to escape day to day life. To relax, refresh and rejuvenate ourselves.

But there’s the phrase that seems to be uttered over and over. Get beach body ready.

As I sit here in my piece of paradise, sunny Majorca, next to the pool with my feet up, a cold glass of cava and my book, I look around me. Everyone is different shapes and sizes. As a society, we seem to have been taught to think that the Love Island contestants are normal. When in fact, it’s totally the opposite. Don’t get me wrong, well done to them for the hard work they put in to achieving a great body. But equally, when I was 21 I was very slim. I had curves in all the right places and could wear any bodycon dress and look great. When I hit my mid 20s, my lifestyle didn’t change, but it was obvious my metabolism had. I put on a little bit of weight. Nothing major but I became a few pounds heavier.

I spent my mid into my late 20s trying to exercise more. Eat better. Striving to look like these people in the magazines and on the TV. Just before we got dads prognosis, I was working out five times a week. I was the lightest I’d been in a long time. But the day my mum phoned me to tell me the dreadful, life changing news, my instant reaction to her was let’s to go the pub. Out of the house, out of the way of my thoughts. I bought a bottle of wine for myself and we gorged on food. This is how it ended up being. I lost my willpower to eat and live well.

But, regardless of the ongoing situation, I felt okay within myself.

Since dads death, I have recited the mantra many times, you only live once. Do whatever you want. If you want the dessert have it. If you want the wine, open it and enjoy.

At 29, I am now at my heaviest but being on holiday, I am actually embracing it. Seeing all the different shapes and sizes round the pool just make me think, no one is judging me on my weight. I am not overweight and I sit here in my bikini and actually feel absolutely fine. I was so scared about wearing it before the holiday, but I’m waking to the pool bar embracing it with a big smile. And I’m proud of myself for this.

Maybe the main thing that’s made me come to realise all this, is my sister in law. I went to get her a drink and when I came back, she said Emily, you look fantastic. I cannot tell you how good that felt,

My new thought process is if you smile and exude confidence, people aren’t going to be thinking about what shape your body comes in. After all, we are all different. There are so many people who will find you attractive regardless of how you look. But isn’t how beautiful you are inside so much more important too?

This doesn’t mean to say, when I get back I’ll just gorge on wine and chocolate. I will have a detox and jump on my treadmill, but it is now more for my mental health. I find exercise and eating well does improve my day to day life mentally which is so important at this time in my life.

But all in all, to gain a beach body, put on your bikini and go to the beach……nothing else is required.

If you’re going on holiday, wherever it may be, have a wonderful time

My cava is getting warm……adios xxx

3 thoughts on “Body image on holiday

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    Hey everyone! I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front this week, but believe something is coming your way shortly. Coincidentally I was thinking of writing about the idea of a ‘beach body’, but my lovely friend has beaten me to it. And done a bloomin’ fabulous job of it!

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